D.U.I. and The Interview?

After seven years, I have finally gotten the job at my dream company. I started today. We’re the #1 risk insurance broker in the U.S. (Just so you get the idea of how big and corporate it is.)

I found out today that they will be conducting a background check. My record is squeaky clean except for the little misdemeanor that will be showing up, due to my D.U.I. two years ago. I am planning on going in and telling my boss about it tomorrow morning so that there are no surprises.

My question is this: Should I go into a tiny bit of detail regarding the actual D.U.I.? I ask this because my BAC was extremely low: .084. It basically showed that I had two glasses of wine, which is true. I also was pulled over for speeding not for wrecking my car or causing harm to myself or anyone or anything. A couple of people in the company know about it and have assured me that I’ll be fine considering companies are really only looking for embezzlement, fraud, etc…

I’m so nervous! A little advice.

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