Debt collection agency questions. Could this be fraud?

My husband has been getting phone calls from a collection agency at work. The agent calls but when my husband answers he hangs up right away. They will leave messages but will not talk to anyone when they call and someone answers.

The supposed debt was from an HSBC credit card. We filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2006. The card application was dated April 2007. I would have never applied for a card after filing bankruptcy. We received a bill for a credit card from Orchard Bank which we had in 2005 and the account was placed on our bankruptcy case. So I contacted the attorney and he said to disregard the notice. We moved in 2007 and had problems with mail being forwarded back to our old address. We had electric, cable, insurance bills that were sent to our old address. I became concerned and called the providers. They told me that the bills were sent back to them with address unknown.
I almost had all my utilities disconnected and our insurance canceled. We also had problems with the postal carrier placing mail in wrong boxes at the old address.
I’m concerned that someone may have opened up an account with a pre-approved credit offer. We received letters from one collection agency and I contacted my new attorney and she asked them to verify the debt. They did verify the debt but it wasn’t a card that we ever had.
HSBC then sent it to another agency. Then this new one. I sent them 3 letters asking them to verify the debt. I have never received any bills, letters, nothing from them. Just the phone calls at work. I then mailed them two certified letters asking them to stop calling my husband at work and to verify the debt. This was 2 months ago. No letters but the calls are still happening.
I checked my husband’s credit report and found the old HSBC/Orchard card listed and a new HSBC card listed to it. Should I dispute the file to the credit agency? Another strange item is that the collection agent told my lawyer that we paid on the bill. This is all really strange. I would never send in a payment of only . Is this a way to get this off of my husband’s credit report and to get this agent to stop? Thanks.

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