Do immigration rules only apply to border patrol agents but illegal aliens have no such rules to comply with?

The pro Advocate’s want to site rules, why are illegal aliens not required to obey any rules instead they shower them with, oh they just want a better life nevermind those silly rules. Though pro advocate’s siting of rules— what about the rules illegal aliens have to follow like a process to go through if they want come here ? What about those rules ?Where is the advocate’s siting of rules when illegal aliens get to lie,get to steal,get free medical care,document fraud and food stamps ? It was proven on CNN in Oklahoma , when the state admitted to the fact they do give food stamps and welfare to illegal aliens. Only the pro advocate’s seem to be saying illegal aliens are not require to follow any rules = they just want a better life. Do the pro advocate’s have double standards much like Mexico does ? Aren’t they sounding a lot like Mexico these day’s ?
Fruit has nothing to do with rules. Doesn’t matter that an illegal picked a veggie. Rules are rules
Fuser, I’m talking about immigration rules and you want to talk about selling flowers.

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