Do O'Reilly's defenses of Obama's 'conspiracy' issues hold up under cross examination?

1. He states that Obama’s school records are sealed. Then he goes on to say that Obama didn’t write a thesis. How would he know if the records are sealed? Professor Michael Barone told Newsweek that Obama DID write a thesis about the Soviet Arms race. STRIKE ONE

2. Michelle Obama has an ‘inactive’ law license. "Inactive" law licenses do not exist – they are either active or have been stripped by disbarment or surrendered, as is the case with both Michelle and Obama. They were involved in a messy illegal activity with the Chicago Hospital where Michelle worked, and in a deal to avoid prosecution, both of them SURRENDERED their licenses. They are not ‘inactive’ because they cannot ‘activate’ them! STRIKE TWO

3. The "live birth certificate" which many believe is sufficient proof, is, in itself, a fraud. It lists Obama’s father’s race as "African". In 1961, the term African was not used to describe race – it was either caucasian, n€gr0, oriental or brown. No one, not even the Governor of Hawaii, can produce the original, hospital generated, birth certificate, period. STRIKE THREE
There are no ‘assumptions’ in this cross-examination. The back-up research would be too lengthy to post here, but all is available with a few ‘googles’
Ducky – issue #3 deals with the authenticity of the Live Birth Certificate. It, in itself, is questionable! and what about #1 and #2? O’Reilly is in the tank 100% for Obama. Obama’s past is riddled with inconsistencies, questions, illegal activities and frauds. Just saying.
Righteous – Point No. 1 is that O’Reilly has no way whatsoever of knowing whether or not a thesis was written. He emphatically stated that Obama did NOT write a thesis. Once a defendant is caught in a lie, the rest of his testimony is certainly questionable.

Point No. 2 – The Obama’s were involved in illegal activities resulting in their ‘surrendering’ their law licenses in lieu of prosecution. They CANNOT practice law and CANNOT ‘re-activate’ their licenses because of their criminal activity.

Point No. 3 – "African" is a general term used for Nationality or place of birth, NOT race.
The point of all of this is that Obama is a very shady character!

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