Does anyone believe now that we are in a recession?

Persons like to ignore things that are inconvenient. Like Mortgage fraud and Liar loans and Merrill Lynch being sold along with the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros…It is beginning to hit home among persons so educated that we should trust their opinions…Persons need to get a grip on reality and stop believing in the ridiculous endeavors of our government. Like the Bridge to Nowhere….How many persons could have eaten with that wasted monies? The stock market is falling and banks are failing yet no one seems to want to believe what the future will hold…Keep waving the American flag…and hope that our lands are not sold to every country that can now afford to buy America. Obama doesn"t have a clue and Mc Cain is still playing parlor games..What about the American people and their needs to house and feed families…Is this a subject anyone might be interested in the future or should we keep allowing senators to scandalize our government in prostitution rings diverting monies that could feed people who truly need help? Is there anyone in this country who is able to think about the needs of the people and not the ridiculous propaganda we are being fed. Do you believe a pipeline is the answer. Why not scrap these gas guzzlers and manufactor electric cars? It would be easier than believing the future of gasoline is the answer. We are being lead down the prime rose lane and we love it. Why not create jobs by using a new mentality of eliminating the need for gasoline. New jobs new factories, The price of scrap metal is only 0 dollars a ton. Do you feel we could change our atitudes from a apathatic one to a creative challange among the people.? Maybe all of this is to much for the average Joe to digest but it is the answer to many problems…I am tired of the lies and deception of our government.
We need new answers to old and tiring dilemmas. Do you have a view point?
Recession means we are falling behind and when you get in to deep it is depression…I think it is the Presidents new mood swing

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