Does anyone else feel the same way about Miami as I do?

I’ve lived in Miami for little over 4 years now and I have to say, living here has been a disaster from the word go. A little background: I moved here from GA because of job relocation (not forced, but it was one of those things that seemed like an adventure and a good idea at the time).

Fast forward 4 years and I have gone from being a peaceful, generally optimistic and friendly person to an angry depressive. Miami’s problem seems to to be its people, who are the most self-entitled, arrogant, obnoxious, rude, superficial bunch of narcissists that I’ve ever encountered in my life. I have lived in several parts of the country and have traveled abroad, but never have I seen anything like Miami in my entire life. It’s as if people here literally get off on being awful human beings.

Greater Miami is a metro area of over 5 million, yet it seems like a giant small town, in which those who know, know. There’s no rock station, most jobs require you to know Spanish and Cubans here tend to only look out for their own, at every level. There is no diversity here at all, in a place that makes itself out to be a melting pot.

Driving here is partly what has sent me over the edge. Drivers here are like nowhere else in the US. Proudly reckless, careless and super-aggressive. It’s as if people view their cars as an extension of their manhoods. It’s got to the point where I try to take the bus to work most days, because I simply cannot deal with the horror on the roads on a daily basis. People seem to have no problem endangering the lives of others. The aggression of people here is like nothing I’ve seen before. Aggression combined with brains the size of a peanut = bad mix.

Making friends here has also been impossible for me. Other guys here seem to put too much emphasis on just looking good, spending all hours in the gym, just to impress equally vain and superficial women. I am all for keeping fit, but it goes to the next level here and it’s all about proving that you’re better than the next person. I also find people in general here to be very immature. I am 28 years old and gave up going to clubs several years ago, but guys here act like frat boys into their 40’s. There’s no real sense of culture, nothing to do when you’re bored of the beach and the flat landscape of South Florida, where there are no parks or no places to just "chill".

I am basically just here because of my wife. I take anti-depressants every day just to get through the day; through the backstabbing and favoritism at work, the reckless drivers, the constant intense heat and humidity and having to live around such flaky, unreliable, sketchy people who I simply cannot stand to be around. I cannot wait for the day when we can leave this behind. I would honestly rather live in Atlanta, where I can at least get some peace and quiet and live in a more diverse (yet American) city, not some over-sized swamp town rife with Medicare fraud, corruption, illegal immigration, Cuban favoritism and awful driving.

I am utterly miserable here and I am not a miserable person (because many people question you if you say you’re unhappy in Miami, as if there’s something wrong with you, not the place itself). I have tried to fit in here, I’ve tried to make an effort, even to speak Spanish, only to get used, or have it spat back in my face, or be walked all over for being too nice in the first place. It’s as if you can’t even go 2 blocks down the street here without some sort of drama, or running into some asshole who thinks he has the biggest set of balls.

Miami = a giant douchebag magnet, where all the "bad" people go.

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