Does anyone know an email address to report food stamp fraud?

I’m looking for an email address to report a food stamp fraud case to. I’m wanting to report this and have been told to contact the Division of Family Resources but when you call that all you get is a recording. I would like to contact someone to report it. Thanks for your help in advance.
I don’t feel like this is tattling that some of you say it is. As for others I would leave her alone except she is really abusing the system. She continues to quit jobs saying she gets more from the government and child support then working and if she didn’t have an man that owned his own paving business. Why should she get food stamps when they have lots of money in that house. If she was really telling the truth about needing the EBT and TANF then no problem. But why should she get foodstamps when they have 400 or 500 dollars a week coming in?

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