Does anyone know anything about a scam going on with companies sending checks saying it’s a grant?

I received a check for over ,000 dollars in the mail a few weeks ago and it came with a letter claiming that I’d received this money as grant. It claims that a grant broker acquired the money for me and that once I cash the check, if I send 10% of the money to the broker for commission, I will receive another 00.

The check looks completely real and it says it’s a Washington Mutual bank account. But it seems strange. My husband said before we got married he received a check that was some what similar and that he went to the currency exchange and they tried to accuse HIM of fraud and said that they’re SUPPOSE to call the police. But for whatever reason they didn’t.

Do you think the check I received is some sort of scam? Has anyone heard about a scam like this? If so, why would someone scam me by sending me money, what do they get out of it?

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