Does anyone remember that Wall Street bankrupted Wisconsin's pensions?

It’s not that the public union members get large pensions, it’s that the state invested their pensions in securitized mortgages on Wall Street. Then, the big banks and financiers engaged in criminal fraud and incompetence, and all that money evaporated.

Now Conservatives, who are trying to prevent the regulation and prosecution of crime on Wall Street, are trying to pay for the losses by taking it from teachers and prison guards.

How can Gov. Scott Walker sleep at night?
Joe Daddy-

Exactly, how can the Koch brothers leech off the working class union members?

Yes, that’s right, police, firemen, soldiers, and Scott Walker are all paid with taxpayer dollars and retire on them. That’s life, get used to it.
Raymond C-

You’re right, but GOP congresspeople blocked better regulation and prevented a few key prosecutions.

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