Does have a very good lawyer help in a fraud case against a person?

I know there are many white collar criminals out there who do things such as committing bank fraud, tax fraud, medicaid fraud, medicare fraud etc out there. My question is to those people who actually get caught cheating the system, is it true that getting an expensive and good law firm would help out?

I see some websites where some law firms say they prevent criminal charges to be pressed against people who commit these white collar crimes and a few of them have very good reviews. My question is if this is so, why do i read news about people going to jail for tax evasion, medicaid/medicare fraud for smaller amounts of money then?

If someone tried to defraud a bank, health insurance company or government for like 1 million dollars, i can see them being in big trouble but isn’t a lawyer pretty useless then? Some of these sites even do defense for big crimes like homicide etc but of course the only thing a lawyer can probably do is lessen the jail sentence by a little because those cases are as criminal as you can get.

But in terms of white collar crimes, is it true speaking to a really good lawyer as fast as possible and having them contact the irs, health insurance company or bank or government who accuses a person of fraud going to make things go better even if that person did do those actions? Some of these sites say many of their lawyers help their clients to prevent criminal charges to be brought up in the first place.

I read stuff like criminal charges for many of these things won’t happen if you take initiative and immediately get a lawyer to look at this for you as oppose to ignoring those notices. If this is the case, does that mean people who go to jail for tax evasion/medicaid fraud for not huge amounts usually don’t have to worry about jail time if they respond immediately to the notice? Because even if this is so, of the people i read who get caught for these types of white collar crimes.. i would assume they immediately spoke to a lawyer immediately already right?

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