Does NCAA overlook age fraud because they are so corrupted?

There is this guy from another country that came with a fake passport were he claims to be 10 years younger than his real age, so he could play basketball for a D1 school here in the US. I was just wondering how NCAA couldn’t figure that out. I know other really good players that didn’t get to play in college just because of a missing course or other small details. I don’t understand how people with fake identities and transcripts could go through the system so smoothly. WHAT’S GOING ON IN IS THIS ORGANIZATION?
It’s not fair for honest people to be rejected although others with fake documents get in?
Is there any kind of medical check that can determine your real age?
What could be the consequences for this type of age fraud?
Is NCAA so corrupted that this is just gonna keep happening?
How about in the NBA?
Do you know of any similar stories?
Just trying to understand how this works…
Thanks for your answers!

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