Does the Down-Sized family get paid?

This is a question for those that know about the show Down-Sized on WE TV. I have watched a few episodes of the last season and am now seeing commercials for the new season, which will be starting soon. I keep wondering over and over again; is the premise for this show even credible? Its supposed to be about a family struggling to make ends meet since the down turn of the economy. It shows such things as the husband and wife having to split an entrée on the rare occasion they go out, struggling to pay for groceries, their children having to quite their after school activities due to the cost, the entire family cleaning houses for spare cash, etc.

Now my question is this; isn’t the whole show kind of a fraud because the family would have to be making something for being filmed, and usually payment for television shows is pretty sizable. I don’t think anyone would be willing to be humiliated on TV and air all their financial struggles to the public if they weren’t getting something for it, but when they do get something for it, doesn’t that kind of eliminate the entire purpose of the show? You can’t REALLY claim a family is struggling when their getting paid to show how their struggling.

Is their anyone who knows how much this family gets paid, and if this show is in fact kind of a fraud due to the fact that they do make a sizable profit from the show? I’d really like to hear the thoughts of others on this because I can’t be the first person who has wondered about this.

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