Ebay FRAUD! Are their lawyers out there for this?

I purchased a car nearly 7 weeks ago for 00.00. I paid by check and the seller cashed my check. I have a copy of it with his signature from the bank. I have been in contact with the seller and he kept telling me the title was going to be FedEx to me. First the seller had to wait 10 days for the check to clear he said before sending the title then he said he sent it but it was a weekend… then he said the car had to go through an inspection to be shipped to me… I am in Michigan and he is in Maryland. Next he said he hadn’t shipped the title so I could get insurance on it…. he basically gave me the run around for 30 days and after 30 days you are NO LONGER eligible for the Ebay Motor Sales Insurance. This I found out afterwards. NOTE: He has my money and my car… I have contacted Ebay. I have filed formal complaints with the Ebay People and they say all they can do is suspend him?????? This is crap in my eyes. It has now been 7 weeks plus. I have contacted ..
I have contacted local athorities here and have the police working on it but they say their hands are tied too. No jurisdiction since the crime took place in Maryland and not here. Maryland police tell me the crime took place here. How can that be???? I just want my car or my money. Isn’t this a FELONY on the sellers part???? And ebay doesnt care???? I thought ebay protected people. It would be different if they said they couldnt help me if I had received my car but I did NOT receive the car and the seller has my 00.00 – HELP ME! Who can I call next??????
"Uncle Jed Knows" – so are you telling me that there are millions of buyers daily on ebay that are STUPID? Transactions take place every second on ebay and millions of auctions end daily. They sell cars every single day. It was NOT underpriced the car I bought and I was not the only bidder. Maybe I was stupid to buy from a person with numerous sells and 100% feedback but paying first is the ebay rules. I wish there was another way around it too, but that is how they set up the auction. I still have a hard time believing that there is nothing ebay can do for me or others that find themselves in this situation. I will continue to search to find answers and I will take suggestions people give me here also. I am sick over my loss of money and it’s not a drop in the bucket to me. I work hard and I am a believer that I have ‘Rights’ in this world.

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