Fakers who get diability is it fraud or am I just madd for the wrong reasons?

This totally makes me madd but I have a friend who got his disability approved yesterday, I was totally shocked cuz I didnt thank for one minute that he would be able to get it. This guy tells his doctors he cant walk without a cane he is in so much pain all the time he cant even bend down to tie his shoes but its all an act. He threw a party yesterday for him frauding disability and it working in fact there is nothing that wrong with him that he cant work he scraps and make nearly 1,000 a week doing so he also is always working on cars and truck even getting under them and works on them does this sound like a guy who is in so much pain he cant work? What makes it even worse is that his girlfriend was braging about how she is never going to have to work again (keep in mind she has never kept a job more then 2 months and lives off child support) Now they are getting back pay for 4 years and they thank they are going to have it made but they dont belive me that that money will go to his kids for child support that he owes on 3 kids that he is almost 50 thousand dollars behind they seem to thank he wont have to pay and they wont get there part cuz he is disabiled these people make me sick even my husband and I have been working hard all our lives and we barely get by but these people live off child support and food stamps and are better off then we are they have a bigger house nicer cars flat screen tv this disabled guy even has a brand new motercyle. I feel right now with how much in debt our country is in that people like them are only makin it worse for those of us who are honest and hard working to get very far in life. Sorry I have been going off But I wanted to know if there was something I could do to prove they are takin advantagebof our goverment or should I stay out of it cuz I cant see the clear picture cuz I am so madd maybe even a bit jealouse that thay are doing better then me?

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