Family Law:how to help a friend who has been told they will have to pay back medicaid for child's care?

Okay, I have a friend whose ex wife receives medicaid for their child, since they are separated he is paying all of her bills, she didn’t report that, she’s working 2 jobs but only reported one and she has been getting public assistance. Medicaid called him and said because they are separated he would have to pay them 0.00 per month until the child’s medical bills were reimbursed. He did some research and discovered that she had been defrauding medicaid so he reported her. He has the kid but she claims they live with her even though they share them with no custody arrangement. Will he be required to pay back those bills or will she be responsible since she was the person committing the fraud? They are not legally separated but they do hold 2 separate residences. He just got laid off from his job and they are treating him as if all of this is his problem and he didn’t even know what was going on, he thought she had it legitimately
I want to thank anyone who is able to help me with this. It’s a huge mess and they have not made good decisions. I only wish children didn’t have to live like this. Now they have to suffer because of their parent’s inmaturity. Thank you again

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