Family Members experiencing insurance fraud/scam.?

I don’t know all the complete details but this is what I have gathered so far:

My uncle had a car accident recently, and went to a family "friend’s" acupuncture clinic for some treatment; he only went for one session. He went there and later, when the insurance payment bills came up, he was charged for visiting at least 50 times. He only signed in at the reception desk for visiting, but did not sign any other papers.

My cousin (his daughter) thankfully has the assertiveness to go after the acupuncturist, and found that this doctor most likely forged the father’s signature, taking most, if not all, of the insurance money. This doctor supposedly did the same to other families, and has bribed some of them to keep their mouths shut by paying them half of what he takes.

The acupuncturist owns a large house, his wife does not work and has enough to send his three kids to private schools.

After my cousin had talked to the "doctor" directly, he has threatened to sue them and even went so far as to begging them to keep quiet by going up to her house on his knees with gifts and junk.

I do not know of what exact evidence my cousin currently holds in her possession, but any good advice is helpful. Thanks.

edit: also, my uncle’s family does not have that much money to them, so hiring a lawyer could be pricey. She isn’t hoping to get back the money, but instead to serve some justice because the "doctor" has scammed other people before.
Thank You.
EDIT: In response to Iffy, my cousin(daughter) reported it to the insurance company.

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