Fraud. Family. Is this terrible of me?

sooo, i’ll try make this short. ever since even my first job at 16 my mother has been stealing money from me. She also asked my boyfriend if she could borrow some money after we were only dating for a week(i didnt know she’d asked but he said yes being all nice) she never gave that money back which came to a total of about £400.
Now, she’s gotten hold of my bank details somehow and paid off her sky tv bills, installaton and set up a direct debit from my bank account of £80.
Plus my brother(who lives with her still) has been using my account for xbox, i’ve tried to stop the payments but technically that means my mother owes me an extra £120
Thing is my mum does try to be a good person(sometimes) she refuses to get a job over 16 hours because then she’d lose out on housing benefit money and jobseekers payments so she’s pretty much dirt poor.
So anyway, i told the Sky people to make a fraud claim against her. What will happen through this? will she get fined? should i even go through with it? does it make me a bad person? could she go to jail for it?

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