Got a voicemail msg from fraud investigations please help legit or not?

I was checking my voicemail lastnight and came accross a msg from a gentelmen who claims he is from fraud investigations. The number he called me from was 904-647-8038. I did research on the number and it came back as someone’s residence and I called the number and it rang and rang. I tried calling it by blocking my number and the person has privacy manager activated to where private calls doesn’t go through. The number is a florida number and I live in Ohio. He did say my full name and said he just received a complaint requarding fraud and this is a potential legal matter and left a case number and said for me to call him back at 1-888-790-5792 and his voice was unclear when saying his full name. I only heard John and the last name was unclear. I called the number back and it said you have reached the fraud investigations, leave your name,number and time and date of the call and your case number and we will call you back. I researched the 1-888-790-5792 and it keeps coming back as a fax number for different trucking companies in different states and some appraiser by the name of Antonio. I have tried calling the trucking companies and no one answers the phones. Today i called the 1-888-790-5792 and a lady answered the phone. I asked her who is she and what kind of buisness this is and she refused to identify who they were. She then asked my name and I told her I am not comfortable giving personal information and she then asked for my phone number and I gave her that and she pulled up my name and asked me if this is Ms. Tally. I told her yes and then she asked me if the last four digits of my social is 1334 and she was correct but I told her she is not going to receive any information about me and she then told me that she can’t give me information and she said bye and slammed the phone in my ears and hung up. I have lost sleep over this and is scared because I don’t know who this is. I do have alot of delinquent accounts on my credit but I don’t know if this is because of that or if it’s legit. They never identified who they were and just fraud investigations. Please can someone give me advice on what I should do. I have children I have to raise and not trying to be in some sort of trouble. They haven’t called me back or anything yet. It has been 2 days now since the voicemail msg

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