Help!!! I am worried that I am in trouble with the law!!!! SUGAR DADDY FRAUD!?

OK- so i was dating this guy who has been financially supporting me for the past 2 years including giving me his credit card number and me making online purchases. He also has offered me a place to live which he would rent out for me and has given me thousands of dollars in cash. I have bought clothing, electronics, toiletries,a painting and whatever else that I have wanted(all online- no forgery!). Mind you, this guy is a multi-millionaire . I am a young broke , pretty girl who depended on him . BUT- here’s the kicker. He has a live in girlfriend whom has no idea or clue about me. I just started recently dating a new guy and shut off communication with my sugar daddy. Now——he’s just filed a claim saying that his card had been used fradulently for the past year and I am going to jail for using his card (,000 spent is what he is claiming!). Just because he’s mad I cut it off with him. Now he’s supporting my best friend and doing the same thing!!! So- what’s a girl to do? I’m young and stupid, he’s powerful with his big shot lawyers . Now he’s saying I’m going to jail for 10 years! WTF! I do not deserve this after having to put up with him! What do I have to argue?!!!
well, it was a secret affair! we would hook up at his work and he would come visit me at work, so NO i dont have proof. i have witnesses??
there should be a receipt at his work with proof that he loaned me lots and lots of money because he recorded it all. but he could destroy it all, right?
fyi-my "friend" is shady and would rather have the money & support than help me and him hate her . i talked to her and im pretty sure she is on to me trying to find out more info on them. he’s paid trips for her to miami and we have even met up at hotels late night. i wonder if i could go and get a receipt from the hotel that was in his name. i don’t remember exact dates though!

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