help with marijuana legalization proposal paper!please help.?

hello, for my English class I’m suppose to write a speech to present to the class on any opinion of my choice, mine was to legalize cannabis, I’m looking for structural advice or improvements that should be made to help improve this paper.

My proposal
For my proposal I would like to propose an idea that can be the solution to most of the problems in the states financially and economically. My proposal is simple and wouldn’t require a lot to give, no one will have to suffer by having something taken away, and my proposal would be to legalize Marijuana. With this idea the economic crisis that were in just might be over if this substance was to be sold legally. Another problem that would be solved due to the legalization of cannabis would be crime rates, they would drop, have less dealers selling, and more space in prisons. With my proposal I would like to ensure that there are more benefits to having Marijuana legal rather than having the substance remain illegal.
The main reason for such a proposal such as this legalization would be because there are a lot of problems in this country that are far worse when compared to cannabis. Things such as rape, murder, stealing, and fraud are crimes that have to be more focused on then someone who inhales marijuana. The substance known as Salvia is far more powerful in terms of its effectiveness compared to cannabis, and yet it’s illegal. Why should Salvia, knowing that’s its more effective, be legal while the substance of Marijuana remains illegal? It doesn’t make sense that it is illegal when it obvious that it should be the other way around where Salvia is illegal and Marijuana isn’t. Having this proposal I want to have viewers and readers, re-consider their thoughts on Marijuana.
Another great outcome from having cannabis legal and able to be purchased by any who want the substance, would be that if legalized it can greatly increase the economy and give back money and make it go around like its suppose to. Marijuana can be taxed making way more money for the government as well, having more money for funds and schools that could use the money as well. Thinking about the more positive things then the negative about marijuana can be easily split because there are far more positives then negatives. A few would be that economy, taxes, funds, prison space, crime rates would be better if the substance were to be legalized.
Based on the positives of what would be a change for the better, as far as the bad comes the good is just as good, the crime rate in California is very high mostly drug related. This doesn’t mean that it’s caused by drugs but sometimes for drugs, such as dealing, stealing, and gang related drug acts. Having cannabis legal would stop most of those because there would be no problems with who has what and the need to steal something that’s already legal. Also drug dealers wouldn’t have what they need to sell if Marijuana was to be legalized. With this in effect it would leave more bad people off the streets and also have less in the prison systems. Hundreds and thousands of people are placed is prison facilities for selling, smoking, or having anything to do with Marijuana.
I believe that there should not be a need for having these people locked up for doing such a small crime for a small substance. If anything we would lose money by feeding and housing them, leaving worse and harder criminals out in the world. If Marijuana is legalized, the prisons would have more room for serious crimes and bad criminals who have committed far worse crimes then inhaling a substance of weed. These reasons are perfect for having Marijuana legal because Cannabis is an over-rated substance that is made a big deal of for no reason. Alcohol and cigarettes kill more people then weed and yet it’s legal with the proper age restriction. If these are legal why shouldn’t Marijuana also be legal?

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