How can I avoid spending Christmas with family, when I live with them?

I’m temporarily living with my parents (I’m 26), I got laid off from my job and to save money I moved in with them, for a few months. But it was a huge mistake! My mother is awful to me. It has always been a dysfunctional situation, but I thought maybe things would be different, now that I’m an adult, but it isn’t. She constantly puts me down and tells me I’m nothing. She was a wonderful mother to my younger siblings. I have a different biological father, then they do. Their father adopted me and he was a pretty good parent, but my mother has always made it quite obvious that I wasn’t her favorite. I’m trying to move the hell out of here as soon as I can, even if I have to borrow money from a friend. Holidays are usually very stressful and not a good time for me. I can usually expect my mother to humilate me or belittle me in front of the extended family. But this year I decided not to give her the satisfaction. I spent Thanksgiving with my best friend and her family and it was wonderful. Of course my evil mother tryed to make me feel guilty, but I didn’t let her. She went as far as telling my relatives that I had to work and thats why I wasn’t there! She didn’t want to tell them the obvious reason, which is I wanted to avoid her. So my question is, How do I avoid spending Christmas Eve/Christmas day with them, if I live with them? It feels totally fake and I would feel like a fraud if I was to pretend I wanted to be around her. Things with her will never change and Christmas won’t make her be the mother I want or deserve.

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