How can I change my dad's behavior ?

Ok, he is about 54, a Civil Engineer and a big (in a physical sense) man; he used to be very friendly and amazing (like my brother now, family comedian) and over the years he served many people quite tirelessly and selflessly; naturally as a result our own family life took the backseat (not anything bad though;he is still a loving daddy).

But of late he realized most people do not appreciate him for his efforts and his attitude is increasingly black and white type.I often tend to think he feels guilty about spending less time on our own family (we do not think so of course; he has really been a wonderful daddy).

Now for the past 4-5 years he has grown some concepts in his head which are basically like "people born here or rooted here or having these traits are all cheats and frauds and gangsters; gays are criminals,having a girlfriend is idiotic etc "; it is like having a Nazi raving maniac in your home;he would not listen to any sensible argument; he will twist every clear fact and bend it to support his own worldview.
And if he finds even the slightest fact that corroborates to his theory then watch out for his lectures; I’m 21 now and will move out in about a few years after my PhD.

However as both a political and social liberal; I find this world-view extremely disgusting and thus am extremely concerned about his emotional well being. there is one thing for certain that He would not let any psychological counselling change his worldview; he will gonna stick to his guns.

The fact that his father (our grandpa) died a few months ago may have something to do with this thing because my grandpa was the person for whom my dad thought and did the most.(my grandpa was a carbon copy of myself; introverted with mbti INTP whereas my dad is extroverted with mbti ESTJ and my mom introverted with ISFJ (I always thought of her as an INFP but the test proved me wrong).

So can you help explain his behavior or try to solve this problem ? Thanks in advance.
awyeauth, I don’t care a damn about whether it is liberal or not but he uses it as an escape route:- like "Why did that accident happen? " will hold only one answer for him "People of this origin did it"; If I point out a scientist who belongs to an origin which he hates then He will say "look out,He must have plagiarized his work" or "He did not do anything significant,it is only his own people who propagandized him as a great scientist"; I mean he does not joke; he is damn serious about it.
Christia, your answer is a gem; he really was a self made man who literally lifted our family line out of the edges of abyss.
Christia, I’m not a Sheldon Cooper to have my PhD at 21; I am in grad school and am planning to start PhD in a few months.

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