How can I convince my parents to stop watching Fox News?

I have asked them why they watch it, and they say it’s because they like tge reporters. But to me, it’s much too conservative. They always bash Democrats and praise the Republicans. If a Democrat is full of fraud, Fox reports it. But when a Republican is, nobody cares. They leave things out, and are so one-sided. They never have Democratic guests, only Republicans. They always talk about the ‘liberal media’ and how science is the ‘liberal lie’. Thir guests always talk only about stupid things Republicans believe, like that gays are bad. I’d like to listen to something that isn’t trying to indoctrinate me into the GOP.
BQ: Any news channels that are free of bias? How about some channels which are gay-friendly.
I’m 13, if it’s important, and libertarian. I like to hear about each party’s faults, even my own.
Well, they do have some Democrats, but there are much, much less than republicans. They will very rarely bring in Democratic politicians, they always bring in Palin or other far-right politicians. Of course, they DO bring in Democrats, but they are obviously bringing much, much more Republicans.

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