How can I prove Auto Insurance Fraud?

I was in a car accident where a guy slammed on his brakes when I was making a lane change. This happened in 2006 and I was told that I was not at fault because he braked due to an accident within a certain distance in front of him. Now on this billing cycle in 2008 they raised my insurance. When I called they said it was due to that accident. They had settled. There was 1500 dollars in damages to his car, bumper and paint job and medical of 24000 dollars. The accident was less than 10 miles per hour. Neither one of our airbags deployed. My insurance company never even contacted me saying that they were shifting fault.

Can I prove that it is an insurance fraud after the insurance settled?

I don’t see anyway that 24000 dollars of medical bills is possible.

Do I have any investigation avenues?
I was driving a Hyundia Accent and he was driving a Buick Rendez Vous SUV..

I am in California

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