How can I stop from sending magazines?

First of all my kids are older and I don’t have any toddlers or infants nor have I ever been on any sites. I have no clue how they got my email and my home mailing address. On there site they have no phone number to call but I was able to submit a question which I did last month and someone called me back who of course do not speak good english and tried to tell me that the magazines can be used for anyone not just people with babies and I said I don’t care I didn’t order them and I don’t want them so please stop sending them he hung up on me. Now a month later which is today I check my email and it said thank you for your order your magazine is on its way. Why is this happening how or what can I do to make it stop. I sent another email to them but if it doesn’t work is there any legal advice for situations like this. I put a fraud protection on my social security so if anyone tries to check my credit or apply for credit it will get rejected I had that on for over a year now but still I don’t want a bill for something like this.

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