How do credit card companies handle fraud claims?

My girlfriend had her card stolen and they don’t believe her. Her card was lost, she reported it the company but not before it was used fraudulently and over ,000 was spent before the card was stopped. At first the company refunded the charges, now they are saying she owes it. Any ideas???
The card was lost 36 hours before it was reported, we did not realize the card was gone for 24 hours and then it took another 12 hours before we could get in touch with the credit card companies ( we were out of town on a camping trip when this happened). By the time it was reported over 10k was spent. The money spent at many places near the area we were camping. The credit card company claims that she called and advised them (during the time the fraud was taking place) that there would be an uncommon amount of charges being made. I could see how the people committing the fraud could have made this call as they had access to her entire wallet and plenty of answers to secretive questions a bank may ask to verify ones ID.

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