How do I find a good securities fraud attorney?

A brokerage firm/broker invested my money very inappropriately. I have contacted several attorneys, who feel I have a good case/good chance of getting some of my money back. I’ve found attorneys who work on 33% contingency basis, and who do not charge me anything if I do not collect. I would like to be able to choose an attorney who will give me the best chance of winning the most money. FINRA has information about individual attorneys’ cases and their outcome regarding their clients collecting, but the cases are not easy to follow. Any suggestions or personal experiences greatly appreciated.
Thank you for the one answer. I know there is information in the papers I filled out that I must arbitrate if there are any disagreements, and that I need to pay 1600 dollars to file for arbitration, but there are certainly settlements against brokers and brokerage firms if you check FINRA settlements. So I do not believe an investor can have no right to file for arbitration in order to regain losses due to violations by a brokerage firm or broker.

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