How do I know shes not using me for a greencard?

This is going to be a long. Please help me , i have no one else to turn to , this is a very serious issue here. I appreciate this, Thanks. Heres the issue, I met a girl whom is much younger then me. She is from another country but she is here now working off the books and supposed to be on a student program. J1 im not sure or f1. Dont quote me .She has been here for many years and hasnt been home to visit her family. She wants to stay here and start a life , school and career. I met here here in Florida walking in a mall we became friends. We been togerther as BF and GF for 5 months. She treats me like a king, No complaints. She says she loves me and shows it and i lvoe her too. This seems like the perfect situation except for one thing that happened recently. Now she asked me to marry her , she needs her greencard so she can visit her family and so she wil be let back and forth from her home country to here .and so she can get low tuition and work permits. She admitted this to me. I told her you dont really love me then you want to use me. She said she does love me but she also needs her legal papers too. I told her i love you but not ready for marriage right now. Financially and for many other career reasons. She said if i love her i would be helping her. And she said if we love each other what is stopping her. I told her i cant engage into illegal activity and greencard fraud when i sincerly cant marry you right now . Dont pressure me to do something that can get me criminal prosecution . Then she told me we are goning to get married anyways oneday so lets do it asap. Then she siad she just wants to be my friend because i really dont love her .and i cant do that for her . I told her friends dont use each other and put other friends in jeopardy with situations that can be harmfull. I said you really dont love me either then. But she still begs me to be her friend after all this . WHY ? Please tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes. I just feel this girl may still love me but has alterior motives and can never trust her in the future as a lover or friend. What woudl you make of this? Should i be her friend still or just slowly drift away in time. I dont know if shes sincere and i never will.
PLease give me all your feelings on this. Be hard and true.


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