How do I prove a fraud to the domestic relations /pa support office??Shy Draggers?

My ex wrote letter to Child Support Enforcement that he is totally disabled and dying of Shy-Dragers? He never had to prove it or show up for an appeal hearing they lowered his child support 90% of the previous order.He only called by phone and told them he was on hospice and recieving SSDI. He had wrot and told us to apply for SSDI for my son but when I went to Social Security they said the disabled father would have to apply and I dont have his Social Security number so they could not even verify hes on SSDI. I looked up the disease he claims to have since 2000 and it says certain death in 3-5 years and severe dementia???This man seems very clear and
talked to the judge pretty sensiblyby speaker phone. Anyone know law or disease?? Can you beat Child Support this way
do they really check on proof-he is to fax a paper(forgery?) and can u have Shy Draggers and stay very cognitive for 8 years???I hate to be synical he is/was ultimate con man in 1990s when i knew him too well…………

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