how do i report tax fraud led by one illegal immigrant?

ok. this guy i have known for about 4 years, he has been working on his papers to remain in this country but was here illegally for 10 years, all the years he has been here he has harboured illegal immigrants , all the time about 6 would live with him in every apt he ever moved to . he has six that live with him now. i have known for 2 years now that he is a main source for these illegals to file income tax returns for these people so that they may get the child tax credits, and the men that live here send their money to mexico, they don’t have their children living here with them. i know they use some number itn or something like that to be able to file. because i can’t imagine them using the false social security number that they are using. its a totally fake ss card. i already hear that "alex" is going to make alot of money by doing the taxes for them. i wonder how much money he got back in someone elses taxes, and what can they do about it, they are here illegally right.. he is doing illegal things. i know for a fact too that he is involved in the smuggling of these people.(and marijuana) someone needs to bring his power down. he shouldnt be here.

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