How do I report tax fraud?

So my last landlord was a real douche. He made my life a living hell for 6 months. I have considered reporting him for tax fraud to get back at him for all the horrible things he put me and my family through as well as other neighbors around us. He’s a horrible person and I’m glad to be gone. But I’m concerned that if I report the tax evasion he did I would somehow go down with him. See I paid 00 a month rent, he asked for it to be split 00 in a check in his name and 500 in cash. I had no choice to abide by this if I wanted to continue living there (which I didn’t but I had no other place to go at the time). He does this to evade taxes on his house and keep them lower. If I reported this would I be in trouble? Even though it wasn’t my choice? I know it seems childish to want to get back at him but he’s such a horrible mean person and he really drove me crazy for six months it practically made me sick to my stomach everyday.
My evidence is my checkbook and my lease. My lease states 00 my checks to him are 0 and the cash well I have no evidence for that. I know he is doing this for taxes sake because it’s what he told me day 1. But I have other things I can report him on anyway, such as his illegal basement apartment and illegal two family house.

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