How do you get child support from dead beat parents in Iowa?

I live in Iowa and my cousin dumped her son on us. We are financially stable as far as our family however I did not anticipate having another teen in the house which will put a hardship on us if we treat him like one of our own. His mother has 3 kids–3 different dads– and takes care of none of them…the other 2 live with dad/step dad…however she still receives social security death benefits for one–lives rent free with a relative–still married to daddy #3 (the child I have stepdad) but supposedly separated until it comes to EIC time and the big tax refund they get….I did get the child on medicaid because our insurance wont cover him and the state of Iowa recently apporved us for a care giver grant of 183.00 monthly. It seems ridiculous that 183.00 is suppose to cover a 15 year old child monthly because that to me barely covers food/clothing/hygeine not to mention school trips, he will need a car soon, wants a cell phone, needs clothing (he came to us with 2 pairs of jeans, no socks no winter coat, 5 shirts, a sweatshirt and about 4 pairs of underwear–we have successfully gotten him a coat,socks, some jeans and shirts and underclothes) Can I sue mom or step dad for child support and if I can how do I do it??? Also I have turned her in for welfare fraud, social security fraud (cuz the kid she gets money for that lives with step dad) food stamp fraud…..but am doubtful anything will come out of that….amazingly she still thinks she should get food stamps because the kids "may" be with her once a week……Its pathetic!!!! Add it up…she gets 800.00 social security, 600.00 food stamps… just received over 4000.00 from "her share of income taxes with husband"…..makes me wonder why i work and stay married:0

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