How do you let someone understand that Christian Faith Healers are usually a big fraud?

I am not religious, and neither are most of the youngsters in our family. My great aunt is very religious and recently been diagnosed with cancer. She wants to travel to Houston to see a faith healer. Now, she does not have a lot of money and "prayed" that God will provide her enough money to travel there.

There are two problems:

1) Her Health is also ailing and we all feel it is better for her just to stay at home and not travel anywhere
2) She says that God told her, us (her family) will provide.

I do not at this stage want to be rude with her. She is old and she gets comfort from God. But I do not want to contribute money towards a fraud and also send her off to a possible death. I also dont think that giving her false hope is a good thing. My cousins and parents agree.

But how do we tell her. She believes it is a sign from God.

Are we being selfish?

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