How long does it take the Irs to investigate tax fraud after filing a report?

I recently filed a report against my ex fiance, because he had been claiming his sister’s friend’s son for years as his nephew. However he is in no way related to the child, and the child has never lived with him. After collecting Earned income credit he would give a portion to his sister;s friend. I had all the detailed info to file the report, his social ,address,etc.. however I dont have any of the tax forms to prove this because those are in his possession. What other items could I get to prove this?I just basically wanted to know if they really investigate these type of crimes or do they only care if its a certain amount of income. Also what are the penalties for this type of fraud?
btw my facts are completely accurate. I saw the checks that were generated and two times I was there, but I didnt know what it was he was doing until later. I could get proof I have bank statements of when the checks from those tax years were deposited.Also I was told that you can look up tax forms with a social security number.I dont know if thats true. Also it wasnt him being negligent, he deliberately lied and said he was ths child’d uncle and stated that the child lived with him and claimed him as a dependent. None of which is true.

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