How much do Mexicans really value family?

How much do they really value family.? If they are living meal to meal ,do they just have kids because that is what they are suppose to do, because everybody else does it? Do they ever stop and think a child is a 18 year experience.? And does having a child mean a future provider, as I read many make their kids work during the day allowing for schooling at night. The Catholic Church can say it’s sin to use any kind of birth control, but it also seems it would be a far greater sin to bring kids into the world that will suffer poverty and the Mexicans know this in advance, which is the greater sin a moment of pleasure or a child suffering for 18 years?Which is a greater sin no birth control or document fraud,entering the country illegally, stealing American id’s,tax fraud, driving without a license, no insurance,obtaining services they are not legally entitled to, leaving unpaid bills at hospitals.Which is really the greater sin and where is the family values in all this ?
Why is it overpopulation is largely due in part to illegal aliens on agenda of selfish reasons. I guess we just cannot be a country because everything must be setup to ensure all Mexicans get their freebies. Other countries are not invading America and trying to change the country. It should be noted Hispanics lead the nation is out of wedlock births. So 90% of these kids will never know they have a father. Show me where the values are ?
lovely a‚Ķsince you are trying to correct me , let me correct you, every day is two words not the one word as you have it.I really don’t care what they think of me.They are not paying my bills or have done anything to better my life. I just know, I pay a lot more in taxes. Plz Mexicans are in the hospital day and night.

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