How should I deal with my mom, who is stealing money meant to pay my medical bills?

My name is Jennie. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in April. April 15th to be exact. My mom (whom I’m not speaking to anymore) told me that she was going to be taking care of my medical bills. When I was in my 3rd round of chemotherapy, she stopped working. Her boss told her that she had until September 17 to go to work or she would be fired. She never went, so I lost my health insurance. I have been done chemo since August, but I still get tests done, and I still have bills. She never told me that I had lost my insurance, and I had a surgery to get a port taken out. Also, there were collection jars around where she lives, (we live in different towns) and she was collecting the money and using it for herself. She told me that she was paying medical bills, but I called all of my doctors and no bills have been paid. A woman, donated 50,000 dollars for me to pay for schooling and medical bills. Her boss donated it, and my mom was using it to buy furniture for herself so they took the money back. As of right now, I have medical biulls to pay plus I need to pay for a surgery in full, and I have no health insurance because she decided not to go back to work. Im just looking for advice on what to do. She lives in Exeter so I went to Exeter police, and they sent me to norristown police. I called to state police and they sent me to norristown police, and the norisstown police are sending me back to exeter. No one wants to help but my mom has stolen money and committed fraud. I just need advice.

For anyone who wants to check the creadibility on this, Im not sure what you’ll find. I had my treatment at Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington PA. I had some surgery done at Reading Hospital in Reading PA.

If anyone can tell me what another route to take would be, I would be so greatful. Im not trying to get my mom in jail, I just want my medical bills paid. Im only 18, I dont want the debt for this.
Im thinking about going to the news paper. I feel like they would be able to help get this out to people,
I started treatment after I was 18. She does hae a drinking problem. Also, I know its fraud beause she led the people giing the donations and holding the fundraisers to believe that the money was for my medial bills yet she has not paid any medical bills.

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