How to battle my little brothers Opiate addiction that's tearing our family apart? (very long im sorry)?

We are a very close family and this is tearing my family apart, more so my mothers marriage. I don’t know what options we have. My baby brother is 21 years old. He lives with my mom a few miles from me. He pays no rent, no utilities. He pays car insurance and his cell phone. He works full time. He goes to school at night.

He has had a drug problem for years. My mother constantly bails him out of a bind which is making my father extremely upset in lieu of recent discoveries that he is stealing from my parents. He stole their debit card from their wallet to withdraw money to pay his 3rd speeding ticket in the last 6 months. He claims he didn’t want to tell them and get in trouble although he fessed up to the previous two and they paid them for him. Today it was discovered that he has been stealing blank checks from them and cashing them all over town in various amounts totaling near 00 to buy Oxycontin (his drug of choice).

My mother is beside herself. She has confided in me because my father is at a council meeting and doesn’t know what to do. My brother doesn’t know I know, either. They have told him to get treatment SOOO many times, offered to pay for everything. We have basically done everything you can think of.

With this new news of him stealing all this money while looking her in the face everyday I suggested the following.

1 – Kick him out or he and my dad will kill eachother and my mother will drive herself crazy because she can’t trust him.
2 – Change the locks.
3 – Call the cops and report him for theft/fraud. He needs a wake up call and while I don’t want to see my baby brother in jail, he needs to face the cold hard truth that what he is doing is illegal.

She doesn’t want to do this. She is flying to Mexico in 4 days and is worried about her son of course but she is in hysterics and not thinking straight right now. I told her she HAS to tell my dad. She debated telling him now, in Mexico, after Mexico. I told her if he finds out and then finds out she knew all along, she will be in as much trouble as my brother is. My dad is a very angry, bitter, grouchy old man. He is going to hit the roof. I told my mother to tell my brother not even to go tonight. There will be bloodshed. Last I knew he was coming here which I am not thrilled about but he is my baby brother and I cannot turn him on the street. But at the same time I am scrambling trying to hide my bank statements and checkbook because I can’t even trust this man. He is not my brother right now – I can’t even recognize the monster this drug has turned him into. But I cannot turn him away he is my best friend. I’m hoping if he shows he and I act like I know nothing, he will confide in me.

Please help me. Please help me help my mother save her son, save my brother, save her marriage and her sanity. Any advice would be appreciated just please keep it respectful I am in tears because I am so worried and stressed out and I really cannot deal with any attitude tonight, especially being that he could knock on my door at any minute.

Thanks in advance.

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