How to go about seeking legal advice on a situation?

My friend X has been working with the healthcare field in the state of Louisiana for about a good 8-9 months. X has been working with a client and everything went well. Nothing went wrong til X had switched to another client (still in the same company) by a "so-called friend" (Y) who reported X for being a fraud. How this came to be, was that, in November of 2009, X was in a car accident with her son, while Y was driving. X was already crying and Y said that it was going to be alright til’ Y told the driver (that hit X’s son side of the car) that she wasn’t going to sue nobody. So, X went home with son and had difficulties sleeping along with son. So, X called Y later on that night and told Y the situation, Y said she’ll let her insurance company know. Y’s insurance called to see if everything was alright with X and the son. X was also seeking legal advice with her lawyer. So, X sued the insurance company of the person who hit X and Y (X didn’t mention anything to Y til this day). But with this being happened, it lead to Y reporting X to the state about X being fraudulent. Now, X is scared and being accused for signing the client (Y’s mother) on timesheet for work. Which Y and Y’s mother told me to sign because client couldn’t see right. Now, X is out of a job due to that matter but still in college to pursue a career in the healthcare field. What shall X do? What can X do to clear her name from all of this? A friend is need of help with this. X is thinking about seeking legal advice but X knows that even though X knew she wasn’t supposed to sign the client’s name (with her present) that is still fraud, isn’t it? Please help me help my friend. She has never dealt with cutthroat people in the state of Louisiana before because she is not from there. X has never been in such mess like this til she came out here in Hammond Louisiana. What shall X do?
no I am not X. X is a friend. She works for a sitting service and they wrote her a letter stating that she is no longer working for the agency due to a workers accussations that is not true.
X and her son has been struck by another auto. X meant to say she sued the person that hit her and her son while Y was driving. Sitting service is a healthcare position. Some caregivers are certified nurses aid and some have numerous experience and are considered working in the healthcare.

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