How to report someone for lawsuit fraud/scam?

A close family "friend" is suing an elevator company and property management company for a building that she CLAIMS to have fallen in the elevator. I KNOW this is a lie and so does everyone else in her "inner circle". She has had back problems for over a decade and KEEPS suing people by using her back problems as a backbone (no pun intended). I do not understand how someone can KEEP suing for an OLD issue and win?!?!? Don’t companies research the past history and medical records!!? I would like to report her and put an end to this.

I do not know if she is bluffing but she claims her lawyer received a M settlement offer which he denied and says he can get more from them. She has so far gone thru 2 back surgeries and is getting another (ALL in the name of raising her settlement offer). I want to anonymously report her and make sure she does not receive even for this scam. She is undeserving and has been living her life by suing companies, homeowners, and anyone she can for the past 10 years.

I do not know the elevator company, property management name, etc. How can I report her or find out any information to anonymously blow the whistle on this scam? Originally we heard her saying she would be getting 0k… which was disturbing. But yesterday she announced M and we all quivered at the idea of her walking away from this with that much. She has not worked a DAY in her life. She has been homeless because of her refusal to work and choosing to find people to sue. Help! I will literally go NUTS if she is awarded this type of settlement.
I have a feeling it may be all lies and she is fluffing the amount.. but, I want to make sure. How can I find out what the elevator company name is? How can I look into public records to figure out who is involved? All I know is her name (obviously). I do not know her lawyers name, the elevator company name, or property management name… I have a strong feeling it is all lies but I need to make sure they don’t get this money. These are the types of people that literally don’t deserve a thing. They are scamming their way thru life – scamming the government (food stamps, medicaid..), scamming their doctors (selling their percoset and vicodin on the streets..), scamming EVERYONE. I can’t sit back and watch anymore.
ADDENDUM: No, I have thought this out and won’t stay out of it so your response is pretty much a waste of your time. It is a LOT more complicated and involved… Trust me, if you heard the stories and my actual relationship – you would agree. I am simply asking for unbiased assistance or ideas. Trust me, not jealousy… No one in their right minds would be jealous of these people. I’ll put it this way: They feel they deserve to scam the system and steal YOUR tax dollars because "… everyone is just so screwed up and do nothing for us… So why not steal?".. I have thought this out and this is not something I will stay out of. I am sorry but I would never be jealous of someone who steals and has no morals, education, career motives, goals in life… I was just raised a LOT better than most.

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