how to trust again in family and relationship’s?

being raised by grandparents and being sheltered has me brother. I don’t have them to run to no more. Me and my mom don’t get alone really never have. She stolen from me( check fraud) lied to me ( about father) and used me for her personal gain. i don’t know my dad. My son father was the one i really trusted but he proved me wrong when he cheated 3 time. 2 of them had babies. no brothers or sisters, my mom side of the family is older. no auntie or uncles just great aunts and uncles. the one friend i tough i had turn her back on me because i told her her mind should be on raising her 3 kids nu-thing else. My guy friend has cheated as well which a baby has come of that as well, I must be stupid, not interesting or something. I starting to think that something is wrong with me. family, friends and the one that say they care for me don’t show it. I go alone with a lt cause damn everyone wants some one to learn on or talk to or maybe chill with. most of all trust even if a little bit.

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