Husband and crazy ex child support issues?

So to make really Loooong story short, my husband and his ex have 9 year old son together. She is and has been in the past investigated for child support fraud. i had to get a restraining order on her almost 2 years ago because she was stalking me. So last month she goes to my husband and says that her husband is in jail and she needs the money for child suppport early. Well my husband as always paid his support so he agreed to give HER the money instead of CSS and got a receipt from her. Well we got a letter ion the mail from CSS saying he needed to pay up. he went to CSS today with the receipt and they said he still has to pay because she committed fraud again because she uses food stamps. so the receipt is no good? Really? WTH? what can we do about this, do we pay again for the same month? this is ridiculous CSS is not helping us, do we need to get a lawyer and take this crazy women to court again? Please advise
It seems like when the good dads that want to take care of their children do they get the shaft. but when the dads that dont pay up get off.

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