I am being accused of food stamp fraud. I didnt report when the husband moved out.?

my husband and I had been through a bad bankruptcy in February. In October of 2008 i received food stamps for the 8 of us. I have 6 children. By the end of the month He had gotton a new job, but I put him out because we were having too many problems over money.. He would never tell me what he made and had his mail going to another address, some to his p o. box, other to where he was now living which was over an hour away from where we lived. He continued to pay the bills and provide what the children needed, but did not live with us. Now I am being accused of food stamp fraud in excess of 3800. If I had reported him out of the home, I would have qualified for probably the same amount I was getting,but I was so stressed emotionally and physically, I failed to report his leaving. I have never been any trouble, and am scared out of my mind. …. I have 6 children. If I have to pay back any money I will definatley do so….They want to meet with me to discuss their evidence. I can bring statments and documentation showing he was not in the home, but then they are going to blame me cuz I did not report it.
What do I do. I don’t want this to go to trial,……And I am scared…..

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