I am having Legal problems with my boyfriend sister and her family.?

"I am having problems with my boyfriends Family. The sister wants me out of my boyfriends house which he told me to stay there even after the Judge issued a Protective order against him. I can’t see my boyfriend because the court issued a protective order we can’t have no contact at all. The Sister had someone served me a termination of tenancy which she sign for my boyfriend. He did not sign it she always fraud/sign his signatures all the time. I am not a month to month tenant. Heres the funny thing about it I’m not a tenant I’m his Girlfriend/Domestic Partner we’ve been dating since 02/08 he ask me to move in with him I thought about it for a while then in 01/24/2009 I finally moved in. His house is fully paid for and he pays all the bills. I was self employed by Avon what ever money I make after I pay Avon I put towards food, Gasoline for the cars, Motorcycle and household items. I can’t afford an attorney because I have no money I do not understand the laws here. I a legal resident here I was born in Jamaica. I do not know what to do my mom lives in germany she has a Acute Ischemic Stroke (Left Hemisphere of the Brain) she’s Paralyze on her right side. I have to go to Germany on 06/24/2009 for one month to take care of her. When I told my boyfriend sister about my mothers condition she said so what I don’t care I can find somewhere else to stay temporarily. She’s been harassing me, taking mail that are address to me, calling me names, Treating me to call the police to have me arrested for trespassing, throwing things away that belongs to me. She cut the phone off she cut the cable off and took the comcast receiver, DVD player and all the remotes from the house. My boyfriend he loves his family they have been controlling his life for years. Every Women he had in the past left him even his Wife because they couldn’t handle his sister and her family. The sister has threaten him to put him in jail or lock him up in a Skyward/Retirement home. She’s like a mother and a sister to him she took care of him since he was 14yrs old. She controls basically everything half of his house is in her name. She does really give him any money only when he needs a good attorney or something else which he has to show prove of what he bought. He work as a horse shoer for 30yrs and he gave her all the money he made. My boyfriend gets 00.00 every month from Social Security which he has to pay 0.00 or more on bills and whatever he has left he has live from it until the next check comes from the government. Sometimes he has no food he has to go to the food bank or go dumpster diving for food. He is 65yrs old and I am 28yrs old. Everyone thinks I’m a gold digger I just want him for his money but that’s not TRUE. God who is our creator did not put us on this earth to Judge or who to fall in love with. I Know alot of people are Judging me but it’s okay. My boyfriend he’s very sexy for his age and very good looking he has a sweet and kind loving heart, he’s very funny, loves to ride his motorcycle and he still rides his Bicycle for more than 20 miles almost everyday. We play basket ball together with my son and my sons friends, take them bowling, fishing, ice-skating and we go lay in the park sometimes or even go for a walk sometimes. We play alot of board games together sometimes with my son and friends and sometimes it’s just both of us doing things together. I was married before my ex-husband made me feel like i’m nothing. I was a housewife/Homemaker for 7 and half years, when I got divorce I really was still with my husband at the didn’t even know I was getting divorce. I got divorce without getting nothing not even my furniture that I bought with my cash when we where married. My ex-husband attorney enter a default of judgement because I didn’t reply to the Dissolution of marriage. I still could of gone to court to get spousal support, child support and Alimony but my ex-husband said I didn’t get up and go to work and I didn’t deserve to get nothing. I have no one here but my son I, I really do not know what to do. I love my boyfriend very very very much that I would take his sister and his family mental abuse and harassment, she has been doing this to every women and wife he had it doesn’t matter how old they are or what nationality or what her brother wants/needs it’s just about what her and her family wants my boyfriend to do. They don’t care about nothing that he wants, his sister writes for him, talk for him, check and see who he’s calling and who i’m calling and then she calls up everyone on the phone bill. She goes online in his bank account and check on every single dime he withdraws from the 00.00 he gets every month from the Government and then calls him up yelling and asking him what did he withdraw money for and she needs to see the receipts. It’s not right what she’s doing to him at all she’s been doing this for years all of my boyfriends friends who has known him from they where kids said that she’s been

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