I filed a claim for Social Security Disability, my medical records have been received, so why no decision?

I spoke with one of their analyst, which was a waste of time, to get an answer, They received all the paperwork, from all of the hospitalilzations (5), all of the treating phsicians (7), ongoing, and I was even examined by one of ssdi’s doctors, and still no decision, why is it taking so long for them to either approve or deny the claim, I have three of the documented debilitating disabling illnessess on their official list, and still no answers from them, my doctor’s and the several hospitals where I was an inpatient on four different occasions, got their medical records to them in records time, because I hounded them constantly, plus, I see some of my Doctor’s every two weeks, so why is SSDI dragging their feet to make a decision one way or another: They even made me undego a Psych evaluation. Even if you really are sick, and you do the right thing, you are still penalized, I know their are people out their commiting fraud, but what about the people that are really sick?

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