I have a legal question about a business owner ripping me off?

I bought a computer from a small business in Tuscaloosa, AL. It never really worked right & the business owner was really sketchy, but I dealt with it. Well, after 2 years my computer wouldn’t even turn on so I took it to him & he said he would sell it for me & give me the money. I have called him, & called him & he always puts me off. Like, "I’m busy right this second, let me call you back." and then he never will. Things like that. It has been about 3 months since my computer was "sold" & he was supposed to give me 0 for it. I am so fed up & went to the Better Business Bureau online & saw where he already has 12 complaints filed against him & he has not responded to any of them. So obviously this guy is some kind of scam artist. He has thrown excuses after excuses such as, "My dad is in the hospital." Which has made me postpone things. However, I am determined to get my money by this Fri. What can I say to him that will scare him? Or who can I call locally to get info. on this?Thx
I don’t have any paperwork, but I have my roommate to vouche for me who was there when I dropped the computer off. I have phone records, I have my mom & dad to vouche for me too. I also believe the "BBB" complaints could be used against him too, right?

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