I have a question about credit card fraud and the legal matter behind it?

Ok, so 2 months ago, family member of mine (we will call him Bob) stole my mothers debit card on several occasion and withdrew money from her account, she didn’t catch "Bob" till after he had already taken 900 dollars from her, over a period of time. he would take her card, then replace it so she wouldn’t notice, but she went to use it and it was gone, so it was then that she knew exactly who done it, "Bob" has a history of theft and has been in and out of jail for the past 10 years or more. I lost count!!! So after he was caught, my mother called police and she contacted her bank and filled a fraud case or whatever its called, and an investigation was then opened. after several days the detective informed my mother that "Bob’ was seen on all the video tapes at each ATM machine. Bob was never arrested for the charge, for some stupid reason the detective said he was going to give Bob an chance to turn himself in and admit to the charges before he sent out a warrant. Well that was a mistake, cause after Bob got word, he ran. he took his 2 kids, and baby momma, and they all ran. 9 they where living with my mother cause they are sorry losers who dont work and draw off the system) bob and his girlfriend are both wanted by the child protective services also for child neglect.

ok so here is teh question…. Bob and i spoke today through an email, and he seems to think that if he stays gone for 90 days, the charges and teh warrant will disappear as if they didn’t happen. He has gotten information from friends that are about as sorry as he is. They are telling him that after 90 days the charges are dropped some sort of way cause they can only carry the charges for 90 days. does anyone know anything about this, and is this true? I mean, how can someone steal, basically rob a bank ATM and commit fraud, and all they have to do is run for 90 days, and then its all peachy? after he has a record a mile long of theft and drugs…That makes no sense to me, and i didn’t believe it for a second.

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