i just bought a car with the odometer rolled back. what can i do?

i just bought a 96 honda civic ex auto with 98k miles. the person that i bought it from claimed it had that much mileage and he just bought it a month ago but now he needs something bigger for his wife and kids but i just did a carfax report on it and the last known mileage had 298,223 miles which was when he owned it. he is the second owner of the car and he said that the first owner was an old man. the old man ran over 295k miles and he ran the rest.i bought this car for 4 grand. Can i sue him for odometer fraud? Do you know a lawyer that i can call and see if my case is presentable? What can i do now? i live in California. but overall the car still looks great and runs good like it actually does have 98k miles. there is no problems with it. he also claimed he has changed out the timing belt and water pump. please let me know your opinions. thank you in advance.
i guess i got fooled cause the car looked so clean and drove ok.

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