I need a lawyer to help me sue the bank.?

I had an account with wamu. Then someone tried to purchase my car with a fake check. And because of that, they closed my account. Then they made it publicly marked in records to all banks and now no bank will take me because all it says on the statement is fraud. It doesn’t say that I wasen’t the one who didn’t write the check. Also because of this my other bank account with usbank closed and without telling me. So when it was time to pay off my credit card, bill pay was nonfuntioning, and the cards where never paid off. To make matters worse, late fees made it impossible to ever pay it off. How can I get rid of the late fees from the card and just pay off the card considering it wasen’t my fault, and how can I force them legally to restore my credit? Any lawyers wanna represent me? Thanks.
What the fuck are you people talking about? I never deposited the check. like said, they saw that it was fake before it was ever cashed. I said I tried to cash it. Their was never anything deposited into the account. And I ended up selling the car to someone else. why would I sell the car to someone who gave me a fake check?
"Ok, you deposited a faked check."
No I didn’t. I was never deposited.

"So when it did not go though, if you had taken any money out of that account you had to pay the bank back for the bad check."

I didn’t have to pay them back for anything becuase I never recieved any cash from the bank for the check.

"If you did not have the money to pay them back ( money you took from the bank when you took the check, then you can be in legal trouble, since the bank gave you the credit for the check and now you have to pay them back for the money they gave you."

Pay them back for what? I never recieved any money from the check? I said it was a fake check., Meaning the bank never cashed it, or deposited anything into my account. All they did was shut down my account give me all the money that was in it, and put fraud on my credit record, making it impossible for me to ever get an account with anyone ever.
"It sounds to me like you failed to follow up on this situation in a timely manner. What should have happened is this; After a fraudulent check turns up, you speak with the accounts manager,"
I did speak with the manager.

"confirming the fraud, and contact the police to file a report."

I did, but the police can’t force the bank to do anything. that is why I am seeking a lawyer.

"At that point, the bank would likely freeze the account, but your overall credit rating would not be affected."
At that point they not only froze it, they killed it. Then my credit rating was affected, and now no bank will take me, because only says that there is fraud associated to a situation in my name. It doesn’t state in the records that I was the victim.

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