I need help with reporting credit report fraud!!!! Someone is using my social security number w/o me knowing!!

I pulled my credit report last night, and it has just been updated for the new quarter of this year. I saw two items in collection on there that I have never had. One is for a satellite bill, and the other is for a dentist visit in a town thousands of miles away from me. I have already tried to contact the satellite company and they said they could not give me an address where the satellite was hooked up. How come they can’t? This was a recently opened account, less than six months ago. My question is who do I report these things too, and what will actually be done about it if anything?? I am almost certain that i know who did this to me, but I have not been able to gather any certain evidence to prove it yet. I have read online to contact the credit beauraus and the collection agencies. Do you know of other people that I should contact also? Thanks in advance for any help!! God Bless!

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