I need legal advice about check fraud?

OK! I just found out my ex-best friend cashed one of my checks for 0. I reported it to my bank and closed my account. Tomarrow i have to go down to the police station and file a fraud report so my bank will reimburs me the money. Here is the problem. i took a better look at the check and relized I wrote it. The back during tax season I borrowed money from her and I wrote her a Check in return. She lost the check and I wrote her another one. The then found the check and said she threw it away. I belived her because I trusted her. I want to still report her so I can get my money back. I dont know if the will arrest her and as far as im concerned, they should, because I never told her she could cash the other check. She even changed the date on it. Could I get in trouble for taking out the police report? What could she do to me?

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